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4x4 making places ltd (4x4) was set up in 2001 and has developed into an annual forum for place-making ideas and debate. We are a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. 4x4 making places is held on Thursday evenings over 4 weeks in March. The format is for 4 speakers each week with a chair-person, followed by debate.

4x4 making places has been described as an "ideas space", and its intention is to bring together people in the region who are involved in place-making at every level, to open up debate.... and to have an enjoyable evening!  (The theme of making places allows a wide range of contributions from many sectors, "we make our places and our places make us") Over the years 4x4 making places has been influential in bringing people together to learn and debate place-making in an open neutral "space', outside project work  and business networks which inevitable have a closed and specific focus. 4x4 debates seek to explore, promote, and inform, to develop skills and cooperation, and to support quality, environmental excellence, good practice and the highest standards in place-making

4x4 making places will be returning for a tenth year in March 2010. We are delighted that the venue for 4x4 will be the new Rose Bowl at Leeds Metropolitan University. The dates are Thursdays 4, 11, 18, 25 March starting at 6pm prompt and finishing at about 8.15pm, after which the debate will continue at Browns in The Light.

4x4 making places 2010 has the working title of “Green and Pleasant Land!” In the last series 4x4 went “back to basics” investigating and debating principles, examples and skills of place-making in the context of the economic downturn. In this series we will take a longer and wider view, looking forward to place-making for a sustainable future with themes of governance, economics, land and nature.               

William Morris, in News from Nowhere, described a future society “living in a state of reasonable strife with nature” and William Blake wrote of building Jerusalem against a background of “dark satanic mills”.  Both expressed, however loosely and poetically, ideals of their time.

Where are we going now? 

 Once again we are remaking and repairing our environment, against a background of global warming and the need to create resilient places with a good quality of life. 4x4 making places 2010, under the series title of “green and pleasant land”, will therefore bring together speakers from the region, the UK and Europe to explore visions, strategies, examples and solutions for creating sustainable places...