Saturday 17th June 2006
4x4 making places Leeds
Making Places Special
Architecture Week 06 Launch

Building Sounds (Architecture and Music)

A 4x4 Making Places Special Event exploring the interrelationship of music and architecture, in partnership with Allen Tod Architects, MAAP and the Centre for Jazz, Leeds College of Music.

A day of live music, sound performance and talks with insights and insounds into collaborations between architects and musicians. The results of these alliances can be seen and heard at The Venue, Leeds College of Music on 17th June from 1pm.

Between the afternoon programme and the evening concert is a 4x4 Making Places Special on Building Sounds with an international selection of speakers including Max Dixon, Policy Adviser on the Mayor of London’s ‘Sounder City’ strategy, Hans Peter Kuhn, Berlin based composer and sound artist and Richard Cowell, Director of ARUP and founding father of Arup Acoustics. Acoustic planning, noise strategy and sound art and public space will be brought out into the open for discussion.

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1.00pm to 3.00pm
Architectural Music - various spaces in and around Leeds College of Music

Architectural music: surround sound music from Dale Perkins, performances from pianist/composer Graham Coatman and Saxophonist Gemma Wild, Sound Poet Bruce Barnes will create a ‘sound building’ with audience. Musicians will be holding improvised dialogues around the space (weather permitting) and the audience are invited to walk in, out and through performance spaces at their leisure.

Breeze Block - The Venue, Leeds College of Music    

‘Breeze Block’ created and performed by The Composers Ensemble’ under the direction of Didrik Ingvaldsen and students of LCM, in response to newly commissioned work by digital artists Paul Emery and Joe Gilmore who have created an animated photo-study of Joseph Stones House; by using thousands of still images processed through custom build software, the artists have created a personal, flickering study of the architecture and its surrounding environment.

4x4 Making Places Special - The Venue, Leeds College of Music
Sound & Space: Building Sounds


Catherine Parsonage, Leeds College of Music


Richard Cowell, Arup Group Main Board and International Director,Arup Acoustics,

Hans Peter Kuhn (Berlin), composer and sound artist with international array of both public and gallery based installations in Odense, Warsaw and New York; currently working in Leeds on a public project for Leeds’ Neville Street gateway

Max Dixon, Policy Adviser on the Mayor of London’s ‘Sounder City’ strategy

John Levack Drever, (University of London), academic and researcher, sound artist, instigator of Sonic Art Network and editor of Earshot publication on architecture and sound.

Evening Concert – The Venue, Leeds College of Music

Graham Coatman – a programme of piano music exploring musical structures, including works by Bach and  Bartok.

Metropolis quartet:
Petter Frost Fadnes, sax, electronics; Matthew Bourne, keys, electronics; Colin Sutton, bass, electronics; Nick Katuszonek, drums.  Improvisation to Architectural Video project by Kenneth Goodall and Stephen Wilson.


Invaluable contributors to this event have been:

Leeds College of Music, AW 06, RIBA Yorkshire, Arts Council, 4x4 Making Places Ltd.