Thursday 4th March
Masterplanning - What's it all about?

Councillor Judith Blake - Deputy Leader Leeds City Council


Buro Happold
West and Machell

David West - Alsop Architects
Dave Hull - Buro Happold
John Thorpe - LCC
Irena Bauman - Bauman Lyons

Thursday 11th March
Getting started - How do we make it happen?

Roland Stross - St. James Securities


Public Arts, People Making Places

Bill Dunster - Bill Dunster Architects Zed Factory
Tom Lonsdale - Camlin Lonsdale
Simon Smithson - Carey Jones
David Lock - David Lock Associates

Thursday 18th March
Experience - What can we learn?

Andy Carver - Arts Council


Arts Council
Carey Jones

Steve Smith - Terry Farrell & Company
Maud Marshall - Bradford URC

Mark Ryder - ISIS
Roger Zogolovitch - AZ Urban Studio

Thursday 25th March
The bigger picture - Are we making places that last?

Jonathan Glancey - Architectural Correspondant for The Guardian and
The Observer


Yorkshire Forward
DLG Architects

Fred Koetter - Koetter Kim
Peter Clegg - Fielden Clegg Bradley Architects
Lesley Chalmers - English Cities Fund
Alan Simpson - Yorkshire Forward




4x4 making places 2004
puts spotlight on "Masterplan Mania"

Masterplan mania is the theme of the 4th series of 4x4, which will run every Thursday evening during March 2004.

(There’s a lot of it about, and it can mean anything from utopian aspiration to any scheme with more than a dozen houses, and the theory and practice would benefit from more discussion and understanding!)

The successful format of 4x4 brings together 4 speakers who are experienced and involved in making the places we live in. The debates bring in members of the public and a wide range of professionals, policy makers and developers, with over 200 people attending each session.

The presentations start at 6pm at the Brunswick Building, Leeds Metropolitan University School of Architecture and admission is free.
They are followed by open discussion and debate between speakers and audience with a leading authority in the chair.

Alsop Architects, Farrell & Co, Koetter Kim, and Alan Simpson, Head of Urban Renaissance from Yorkshire Forward are among this year’s heavyweight line up.

The first session “What’s it all about?” will explore examples and definitions of masterplanning. The second week, “Getting started – how do we make it happen?” will progress to the obstacles faced when putting it into practice.

The third session, “Experience – what can we learn?” is based on the ‘experience’ of masterplans in practice and what happens when circumstances change. The final presentation, “The bigger picture – are we making places to last?” on 25th March, looks at the longer term and wider picture of making sustainable places.

Also taking part are Carey Jones Architects, John Thorp (Leeds Civic Architect), Irena Bauman (Bauman Lyons), Maud Marshall (Bradford URC Director), Tom Lonsdale (Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects), Mark Rider (ISIS) and Bill Dunster.

The focus of 4x4 is the nature of towns and cities and their repair, improvement, quality and change. 4x4 will again have a high profile this year and that will benefit from the ongoing partnership with organisations including regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.


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